Week 1:

What is learning from experience?

Check In:

Share a story

🐝 Buzz / Think-Pair-Share

  1. Think of 3 times when you’ve had an experience in which you learned something
  2. Pair up with a partner and tell the story of a key moment in one of these experiences. To tell your story, consider four of the ingredients of a good story:
    • Set the stage for this moment: Where were you, when was it, what was happening?
    • Take us there: Include details not only about what you thought, but also what you experienced through your senses. What did you see, hear, smell, taste, touch?
    • Tell us about the other characters in your story: Who was involved and what did they do?
    • Finally, tell us how the story ends: What was the result or consequence of this experience?
  3. Share with the full group a superpower you see in your partner based upon their story

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