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The Big 10

In this learning circle, you will practice a variety of strategies to surface and articulate knowledge you have gained from your life experiences. Being able to name, claim and so leverage this learning will help you be successful in personal, professional, and academic pursuits.

Most immediately, the work you do in this learner circle will:

  1. Prepare you for job interviews and/or annual reviews,
  2. Provide you with the opportunity to earn a digital badge that you can share on LinkedIn for professional advancement and college credit that you can apply to a bachelor’s degree at College Unbound

To accomplish this, we will be using College Unbound’s Big 10 Leadership and Change competencies. College Unbound (CU) is an innovative, degree-granting college for adults who have faced barriers to completing their Bachelor’s degree. A regionally accredited college, CU specializes in recognizing, honoring, and crediting learning from experience as a way to make college degrees both relevant and attainable for working adults.

CU developed the Big 10 using national research from a variety of sources, including the US National Research Council and the Department of Labor, on the knowledge, skills, and capacities employers reported that they most needed.

You can think of CU’s Big 10 as valuable transferable skills that you have developed in your personal life that can also help you to be successful in work and school. The Big 10 is a rubric or scoring guide that can help you assess your skill set by outlining the criteria for each skill as well as a way to score your proficiency in each with clear indicators of how these skills are demonstrated.

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