Preparing for your Generative Knowledge Interview (GKI)

Adapted from Melissa R. Peet’s The Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process: Identify Your Capacities, Discover Your Purpose, Demonstrate Your Difference with modifications for College Unbound.

In doing Generative Knowledge Interviews (GKIs), you will practice the skills of deep listening, generative inquiry, and pattern recognition while also supporting each other in identifying content for your Big 10 portfolios.

Download this worksheet to complete the following activity.

To prepare for doing the GKI’s next week, pick three learning experiences that seem quite different from each other and that you do not mind sharing with others.

This will work best if these experiences are focused around specific moments when you had to make a decision, face a challenge, or had a new realization. For example, not my first job, but the day I accidentally set fire to the display case. Then, for each experience, write down just a few words in response to each of the prompts on the worksheet. Do not write full answers or even full sentences. This is just to collect your ideas a bit in advance of your GKI.

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