Read, Watch, & Discuss:

The idea of an “elevator speech” is that you have a brief amount of time to pitch yourself to someone who can help you accomplish a goal. You might use this approach to ask for a raise, during an annual review, to pitch an idea, or to pitch yourself to a potential future employer.

Watch these videos, which provide to get an overview of the idea of elevator speeches:

Discuss: Considering the strengths you have identified in this learning circle, what might you use an elevator speech for?

Take a few minutes to sketch out an elevator speech centered around the Big 10 strengths you have identified thus far.

Then, practice your speech by partnering up with another learner in your learning circle. Switch speakers every 45 seconds until everyone has given their elevator speech 3 or more times.

As a group, discuss what changed from the first to the final speech? What do you want to remember?

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